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Written and Created by Master Celebrity Artist & Educator Carrie von Loudon with special appreciation to Crystal Clear Photography, Ritchie Combs, Savan Tribble, JoJo Delgado, Miss Teen San Antonio Anahi Gutierrez, Oscar Galvan, Adrian Angel, and Adam Ortiz with Livestream Multi media

Celebration Package

49.00 Down 95.41 Month

THIS PACKAGE JUST KEEPS GIVING You will receive Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry and Advanced Techniques 40 lessons with weekly Zoom meetings. This course platform will teach you the basics of what Makeup Artistry is truly about. In this package, you will also receive your Bridal Certification, which is another 500.00 in savings that can add 30,000 in revenue a year. The methods are proven because unlike other courses created by computer-savvy individuals that have never picked up a brush Von Loudon is a seasoned Makeup Artist still creating opportunities for others. You will be able to have open discussions via Zoom to ask Questions and have a direct line of communication if you need assistance with the curriculum. The Celebration Package is priced so that everyone can be ahead of the game. An educated MUA will always stand apart from the rest of the self-taught MUA's. I don't teach just a look I teach a technique that can be used with any look. Plus one more exciting bonus, I will send you the full Makeup Kit as your graduation gift after all payments are complete and you have graduated from the course. If you choose to further your education all other classes are 25% off and we will be adding more and more courses as the school continues to thrive.

Carrie von Loudon

Carrie von Loudon has worked in the Makeup Artistry Industry for 36 years. She has owned and operated a Makeup Artist school in San Antonio, Texas, teaching over 500 aspiring artists for over eight years. Covid-19 changed the game, von Loudon says. Von Loudon Decided to get the curriculum she wrote and put it on the #1 education platform. " I have worked very hard at duplicating the classes as if the students were in the classroom. You cant learn to be a Makeup Artist overnight, and this course will honestly give the student the education they deserve. Something they can use to create possibilities for their future. Not only will the student have worksheets, Presentations, and Videos. Each week the student will log onto zoom and ask questions, show their work, or learn a new look from von Loudon or a Special Guest. You will receive the knowledge behind Makeup Artistry before you pick up a brush. You will learn to master different looks as well as have the knowledge to open your own business. I know you will reach your goals if you stick with them, Practice and complete each segment. Now let us get to work!!!

Student Makeup Kit

The Kit Includes Makeup wipes. Four eye pencils. Four lip pencils. 20-piece lipstick set lip palette. 12 color brow kit or brow palette. Foundation palette pressed powder palette clear carrying case and a 15-piece Pro Brush set Retail Price 275.00

Student F/X Kit

When you purchase any FX course, don't forget to purchase your Ben Nye Student Kit 70.00